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"WaterBear is a great example of technology used for good and ensures that our growing global population is aware of the ecological and social challenges we face."

Melanie Wijnands

Circle Economy

"Waterbear is an inspiring platform to connect viewers of all ages and backgrounds to real nature conservation happening internationally."

Onnika van Oosterbosch

Future for Nature

"WaterBear provides a one-stop-shop for all of us that want to learn more about our world, and where and how we can make a difference."

Farah Obaidullah


"The Waterbear Network offers a unique multimedia platform for the human family. It will help us work together to solve the global crisis of climate change and sustainability."

Monaqui Porter Young

Worldview Foundation

"I am sure Waterbear will become the leading global platform of preservation and positive action."

Ben Valks

Black Jaguar Foundation