A Guide to Guerrilla Gardening A Guide to Guerrilla Gardening

A Guide to Guerrilla Gardening

Guerrilla gardening is led by communities and for communities.

It’s both a movement for social justice and climate justice, empowering anyone to green their streets in an incredibly accessible way.

In the UK, almost 11 million people - about one third of the urban population - live in neighbourhoods with insufficient access to green space, impacting Black and working class communities the most. And by 2060, 70% of the world will be living in cities. Rewiring our connection with nature - wherever we are - has never been so important.

Guerrilla gardening benefits both communities and the climate - from boosting biodiversity, to reducing urban temperatures, supporting mental health, providing education in nature, absorbing air pollution, connecting communities, growing fresh food, and reclaiming public spaces.

Guerrilla gardening is a strong reminder that we are not powerless - it’s a direct way we can each contribute to creating a healthier, fairer and happier future.

Through comedic beats and with guerrilla gardening royalty, Ellen Miles, our latest WaterBear Original "Rebels with Cause" made together with our partners at Imagine5 shows that guerrilla gardening is more than just planting seed; it’s the cultivation of community.

A Guide to Guerrilla Gardening A Guide to Guerrilla Gardening
By guerrilla gardening you learn that you have autonomy and power. There’s often a false dichotomy that's been set up between urban and nature, where we see urban as being inherently grey and bleak. But we can actually have beautiful, cultural, arts-fueled cities that are vibrant with both people and plants.
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A Step-by-Step Guide to Guerrilla Gardening

A Step-by-Step Guide to Guerrilla Gardening

Discover why it's worth greening your community in this colorful handbook, containing a step-by-step framework on how to guerrilla garden, by Ellen Miles. When purchasing, try to support local, independent bookstores or buy online via bookshop.org.

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