Calling for a Global Plastics TreatyCalling for a Global Plastics Treaty

Calling for a Global Plastics Treaty

Plastic is all around us; it’s in our homes, in our clothes, and lately, it is even entering our bodies...

As much as we can do as individuals to stop our consumption, recycling systems cannot cope with the sheer amount of plastic waste produced. Ultimately, it ends up in landfills, exported or incinerated. The solution is clear, we need to transition from single-use to reuse systems and do this fast.

Governments and big brands need to take action and you can help put pressure on them by demanding an ambitious and strong global plastics treaty that will cut plastic production and use.

At the United Nations Environmental Assembly in March 2022, governments officially adopted a mandate opening negotiations for a global, legally-binding plastics treaty to address the whole lifecycle of plastics.

We are now at the final stage to reach this goal, with the last negotiations of the treaty scheduled for November 2024. Is it all doomed or can we still save ourselves from plastics? Dive into our selection of content to learn more and get inspired to solve this issue.

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Demand a Global Plastics Treaty

Demand a Global Plastics Treaty

A strong global plastics treaty will keep oil and gas used to produce plastic in the ground and stop big polluters with their relentless plastic production. A strong plastics treaty will deliver a cleaner, safer planet for us and future generations.