Moving the TidesMoving the Tides

Moving the Tides

Feel moved by the ocean and those making moves to protect it.

In celebration of World Ocean Day 2024, WaterBear invites you to reconnect with the ocean and to join the communities who are playing their part in moving the tides.

WaterBear gives a voice to real people making a real impact, curating stories at the intersection of culture and environmentalism that you can watch, listen to or read to find out what role you can play to make a difference.

With stories, resources and events updated on a weekly basis, this is a space where inspiration meets action.

The best part? It is free to join, because we believe that purpose shouldn’t be behind a paywall.

Moving the TidesMoving the Tides
As we’re bombarded by headlines about the destruction of the seas caused by plastic pollution, overfishing, mining, and the impacts of the climate crisis, we are shining a light on hope and impact, connecting people to a future they want to take part in.
Jolien Walhof, Director of Impact at WaterBearTake Action

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Watch Blue Carbon on WaterBear

Watch Blue Carbon on WaterBear

If you're based in the UK, Netherlands or South Africa, you can now watch DJ Jayda G's new film Blue Carbon, just launched on WaterBear.

Campaign supporters

Together, we can make a difference

  • Finisterre
  • hhmi BioInteractive
  • Lonely Whale
  • Ocean Born Collective
  • Only One
  • Parley
  • Surfers Against Sewage
  • Greenpeace
  • Oceana
  • Nikon
  • Blue Ventures
  • Surfrider
  • Conservation International
  • Ocean Culture Life
  • Thames21