Oppose the UK Refugee Ban BillOppose the UK Refugee Ban Bill

Oppose the UK Refugee Ban Bill

The film MATAR shines a light on the UK’s broken asylum system and the hostile environment so many people find themselves in.

MATAR is a film directed and written by individuals who have personally experienced the challenges of seeking asylum in the UK. With their intimate knowledge of the realities that asylum seekers encounter, the goal is to bring greater awareness to these struggles and highlight the unjust asylum system in the UK.

With the current state of the asylum system already reaching a critical breaking point, the timing of the new proposed bill by the UK government has only added to the urgency of our cause. We aim to inspire activism and push for a fair and just asylum system that truly values the lives and well-being of those seeking refuge and where they are welcomed and protected.

Join us in supporting this important issue and help amplify the voices of those who are often unheard.

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