Set the Birds Free Set the Birds Free

Set the Birds Free

Ludovico Einaudi presents ‘Broken Wings’, a heartbreaking short film unveiling the untold story of bird poaching.

You might have never thought about it, but where does your pet bird come from? Bird poaching is a global problem that has devastating consequences for ecosystems and biodiversity. Southeast Asia is home to over one fifth of global bird species. This richness has brought about large-scale wildlife trafficking throughout the region to fulfill demand for the pet trade.

Globally, 49% of bird species are declining, one in eight are threatened with extinction.

In an effort to raise awareness on this critical issue, WaterBear and Studio Birthplace teamed up with renowned composer Ludovico Einaudi to create a film that captures the journey tropical birds make from forest to cage, revealing how caging wild birds has become a massive industry that silences forests worldwide.

Set the Birds Free Set the Birds Free
The sheer number of birds owned by people around the world is a testament to humans' innate love and fascination for these animals. But when that love drives the demise of wild populations, it threatens the very existence of these species and the ecosystems we rely on for our own survival.
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Stop Bird Poaching

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