Sign the manifesto Sign the manifesto

Sign the manifesto

It is time for the fashion industry to transition towards a total ethics fashion system.

In order for fashion to align with this premise, it must prioritise autonomy and consent: refusing the exploitation, commodification and destruction of all individuals and the planet we share.

Ultimately, this means a just transition to a fashion system which pays living wages to everyone across all supply chains, which is slow, circular and respectful of planetary boundaries, and which shifts to sustainable and just alternatives to fossil fuel-based, deforestation-driven and animal-derived materials alike.

A just transition towards a total ethics fashion system is complex and it takes time. It requires innovation, retraining, economic support, cultural sensitivity and a kind of progress which respects the value of tradition. It is required for sustained life on Earth.

The total ethics fashion manifesto is not a demand that the fashion industry unfeasibly change overnight, but a recognition that a system which places all life before profit is a system we should work towards changing across all the different jobs of this industry

Sign the manifesto Sign the manifesto
We need a just transition beyond animal-derived, fossil fuel-based, and native deforestation-driven materials.
Emma Håkansson, Founder and Director of Collective Fashion JusticeWatch the film

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