About Us

What if we could make documentaries into popcorn worthy entertainment?

Turn people from passive viewers into active doers?
Invite everyone to go from doomerism to domoreism?
Transform brand partners into planet savers? Filmmakers into changemakers?

And ultimately move from collecting awards to measuring impact?
Imagine if you could go from watching heroes like Greta to being one?

Switch from mindless scrolling to meaningful content?
Flip the tipping point from hopelessness to a brighter future?
Can we jump head first from apathy to optimism?
Swim with a black mermaid? Float like a butterfly? Sing with the bees?
Go from fearing what’s ahead to excitedly writing new narratives?
Learn not just how to survive but thrive amidst uncertainty?
Can we enjoy the act of saving our planet?
Not feel guilty about binging TV? But sign up for real change?
Wouldn’t that be good?

That would be WaterBear.


A streaming service? A publisher? A distributor? An impact platform? A campaigner? A film enthusiast?


In 2020 we launched the first of its kind streaming platform and publisher. A free platform that brings inspiration and action together through award-winning, certified films and documentaries that you can stream at any time, and on any device for free.

We encourage our community to switch from mindless scrolling and engage with entertaining films that cover a breadth of topics in the environmental and humanitarian space. Working alongside hundreds of planet partners, both brands & NGOs to produce original content that entertains people into action by making it effortlessly easy. It is all of us, and the planet, together.

Enjoy the act of saving our planet and sign up for real change.

For more information email info@waterbear.com